Bear Cub

Bear Cub Pipe Pipe Bowl Pipe End

Made in the USA by a Pennsylvania artist, Jack Harries. Hand crafted Densite Plaster Castings. This palm size pipe will fit comfortably in a gentlemen’s jacket pocket or ladies evening purse. Purchase a Bear Cub Pipe as a conversation starter! This item is perfect as a gift for an outdoor enthusiast or nature/animal lover! Be the first of your friends to obtain an adorable Bear Cub Pipe!


Item measures 1 1/2″ high, 1 5/8″ wide, and 2 5/8″ long.


This pipe design is an original one of a kind production and protected by the US copyright office.


$20, plus shipping. Click here to order on Ebay, or contact Jack Harries directly to inquire about availability and order.


We also offer a version with a pipe stem for $30. Click here to order on Ebay.